Time to winterize…. Keep your car surfaces functioning beautifully in bad weather.

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Okay, winter’s coming. Preparing your car for the season depends a lot on where you live, and the following video from Adam’s Polishes will walk you through what you’ll need to keep in mind.

Prepare For Winter Detailing In Any Climate

Mostly, I’m just addressing the Texas Panhandle area for right now, since that’s where most of our clientele are located!

Funny face on a car covered in snow | Pro Auto Spas
Get ready for the snow!

Just a couple of things to help you get your vehicle through winter this year. First, you need to coat your windows for the best visibility. Adam’s Graphene Glass Coating will help snow and frost slide off easily. To prep for the coating, use Adam’s Window Cleaner to get your glass spotless. If the glass is really bad, clay bar the glass using the Window Cleaner as a lubricant, then rinse and dry. To coat the glass, use the Graphene Coating and get a good coat on there – just don’t let it drip. Also, make certain your windshield wipers are in good shape. You’re still going to have to push snow off if you are sitting outside, but it’s going to be way easier, and new snow won’t stick while you are driving. Many states have laws stating that you can be ticketed if you don’t remove any and all snow that can obstruct your vision – don’t make this any harder than necessary. Bring your vehicle to Pro Auto Spas and let us help make sure your vision is 360 degrees, even if it’s only 6 degrees outside.

Man removing snow from his car windshield | Pro Auto Spas
We can make this way, way easier…

Now, you need the snow/ice/etc to slide off your car as easily as possible. A lot of the road de-icing chemicals include magnesium chloride, or even just plain sand or salt – all really bad for your paint.

Wheel well of a car clogged with snow | Pro Auto Spas
This is bad for so many reasons…

Advanced Graphene Ceramic Spray Coating. It’s a mouthful, but it can go on ceramic-coated or non-coated vehicles to protect from all of the crud that’s out on the road. We can put it on the plastic, paint, headlights, and everything on your car to make street stuff NOT stick and eat your paint. BEST OF ALL, spray a lot of it into your wheel wells – accumulated sludge and ice will pretty much fall off under their own weight. Actually, BETTER than BEST of all, let us spray the undercarriage of your car and protect it from the rust and breakdown road salt can cause!

Photo of a dog in a car during snowy weather | Pro Auto Spas
Photo of a man laying in the snow with a dog in the foreground | Pro Auto Spas
Photo of a small child standing beside car during snowy weather | Pro Auto Spas
Kids n dogs in the car…

Let us ceramic coat the inside of your car. Trust me, winter, spring, summer, or fall, if you’ve got kids or dogs you need that interior protected. We’ve got the stuff to do it.

Photo of a container of Adam's Polishes CS3 ceramic-infused waterless wash detailer | Pro Auto Spas

The last suggestion is something we call CS3. Adam’s CS3 is a ceramic-infused modern presentation of an active three-in-one waterless wash detailer. Adam’s CS3 was designed to effortlessly deliver a clean, finished surface, generate a ridiculous amount of shine, and protect using the latest in silica resin technologies. This silica-infused waterless wash formulation delivers a gentle, safe, and effective means of cutting through dirt, dust, grease, and grime while remaining absolutely streak-free each and every time. What this means is you can wash your car without washing your car. Follow the instructions and use a good waffle weave cloth, and the road nastiness does NOT have to stay on your car till things thaw out.

Photo of a car door with the words 'wash me' written in the grime on the car | Pro Auto Spas

Remember, snowmobiles need protection and ceramic coating too.

Ask yourself: This winter, how’s it gonna be?

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