Instructions for Post/Article Submission

It is not necessary to select a Post Category, it is already set automatically to “Current News.”


You should, if appropriate, enter Tags for your post. Remember: Do NOT use spaces in the tags as they will be turned into #hashtags for Social Media posting. Tags should contain relevant-to-the-article keywords and should be limited to about six, more-or-less.


You must upload or select at least one image for the Featured Image. Images must be at least 640 X 480 in size and cannot be over 1500 x 1500.


To use the Rich Text Editor, First, click the “Visual” button on the top right of the editor. Do not use the “text” editor as you will not be able to see the formatting of your text. You’ll know you’ve selected the right editor button when the text tools appear in the heading of the editor. To insert images into your text, you may use the “Add Media” button at the top left of the editor. It is best to add the photo, and set its alignment (left, center, right) prior to entering any paragraph text. However, you should enter any heading text prior to adding an image. You can create a heading by adding the text to an empty block, then highlight the text and click the button at the top of the editor menu (just under Add Media) where it should say “paragraph” and change it to“heading”, then set the size of your heading. Once you have set the heading, make sure you press “Enter” to begin a new block. The Title of the page will automatically be an H1 heading, the next major heading should be an H2, further sub-headings pertaining to the H2 heading should be H3 headings, and so on. As you change the topic of your text, you can go back to H2 headings and then the H3 sub-heading as needed. Typically, you will not go below H4 headings.

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