Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating

Vinyl Wrap Ceramic Coating in Amarillo, Tx | Pro Auto Spas

Installing a vinyl wrap is a great way to temporarily customize the look of your ride. Whether you prefer minor graphic enhancements, looking to brand or advertise, or going full chrome wrap, the modern vinyl decals or vehicle graphic gives a car owner flexibility to spice up their rides – at an affordable price. But how do you protect a vinyl wrap from prematurely wearing out?

Vinyl itself is a durable material, that can hold up for three years in most cases. However, UV exposure, acid rain, bird droppings, bug splatters, and typical road grime can age the vinyl wrap sooner than you’d think. Plus, excessive exposure to rain or water (even simple car washes) can penetrate the vinyl top layer, and cause damage to the adhesive.

With all that said, if you’re going to invest the money in a vinyl wrap, it makes sense to protect the wrap, so it’ll last longer – right? Well, that’s where Ceramic Coating comes in as the best practice for keeping your vinyl wrap clean, protected, and enhanced.

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