Paint Repair

Automotive Paint Repair Detailing in Amarillo, Tx. | Pro Auto Spas

Paint Repair address a number of paint defect issues and corrects them, such as;

Spider Web Swirls – common all-direction type scratches that mar the color, gloss, and reflective nature of the paint;

Marring – abrasion of the paint and creates a ‘cloudiness’ in the painted surface;

Buffer Trails & Holograms – marring of the paint surface generally due to unskilled use of a buffer;

RIDS (Random Isolated Deep Scratches) – below surface paint defects, large and deep scratches which are often hidden by Spider Web Swirls;

Bird Droppings – bird droppings can cause paint etching if left long enough due to the acidity and protein contained in the droppings;

Light Water Spots – caused by hard water rinsing which leaves mineral deposits as it evaporates;

Medium Water Spots – which have penetrated below the surface of the clear coat, slightly etching the surface;

Road Tar – tar launched from tires onto the paint;

Tree Sap – sap droplets from trees that hardens and creates a topical particulate;

Paint Transfer or Scuffs – caused by objects colliding or brushing against an automotive paint surface;

Insects – remnants of insects from hitting bugs while driving which can etch the paint surface if not removed ASAP;

Paint Oxidation & Color Fading – caused by UV exposure over time.

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