Paint Decontamination

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Paint decontamination is one of the most important components of a truly enhanced end result. We use a 2-3 step decontamination process, both chemical as well as mechanical. This is to ensure the surface of the paint is free of all airborne contaminants that a vehicle encounters on a daily basis.

Decontamination of the painted surface is critical to proper auto care. Increased traffic levels and pollution have made paint contamination a rapidly growing problem. All contaminants must be removed prior to any polishing/paint correction work.

What is paint decontamination?

Paint decontamination is the process of removing embedded contaminants from the vehicle’s paint. These contaminants range from industrial fall out, ferrous particles (iron-containing), paint overspray, etc.

Step 1: Iron Fallout- Chemical removal.

This step is to remove industrial fallout from Ferric AIron Oxide contamination. Ferrous particles include dust left behind from vehicle brakes, trains, various metals, etc Ultimately if left unattended the lodged particles will begin to corrode and damage the paintwork.

Step 2: Mineral deposit – Chemical removal

This step is to eliminate the mineral deposits that stick to the paintwork. This paint contamination is caused when moisture gets on the surface of the paint. When the sun is exposed to the moisture it will evaporate, leaving behind deposited minerals that stick to the paint.

Step 3: Clay bar – Mechanical removal.

This step is for the removal of embedded contaminants. Multiple products are used in the process from unique lubricants with infused surfactants and solvents designed to reduce friction, ultra-fine clay bars, etc.

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