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Automotive Badge Removal in Amarillo, Tx | Pro Auto Spas

There are many reasons to de-badge your vehicle. Dealership logo emblems are usually the first to go, but even factory emblems may need to be removed.

Removing your factory emblems is an important part of restoring a classic or getting paintwork done. Without the badges in the way, it’s easy to get a high-quality finish. Many drivers opt to de-badge their cars so they can replace the factory logos with something a little more personal.

Some elect to drive badge-less permanently. You don’t need a badge for people to hear your engine, and giving them no hints about what’s under your hood can be fun. On the other hand, if you’ve performed an engine swap, you might want to update your badging. A 5.0L badge shows off the new power under your hood before you even turn the key.

Badges can also contribute, or detract, from an overall look. There’s no doubt that matte paint looks best when the badges match. And removing dealer badging instantly improves a car’s appearance. Unless you really love your car dealer, there’s no need to give them free advertising space on your bumper.

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