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Thank you so much to Christopher for bringing us this amazing vehicle to detail and ceramic coat!! I have never been inside a Rolls Royce before, and this 2012 Ghost lives up to all the hype. We did a full detail, gloss enhancement, and a single layer ceramic coating, for an elegant, beautiful glow on the inside and a sharp, crisp shine on the outside.

rr interior detail | pro auto spas
Climbing into a Rolls Royce Ghost

As you get into the front seat, the feeling is less “car front seat” and more “airplane cockpit.” Controls, buttons, knobs, lights, and levers everywhere, everything begging to be touched. The center console alone is just too much fun for gadget fans! Our interior detail keeps all of this looking clean, conditioned, and polished. Spotless!

rr interior detail | pro auto spas
Spotless center console with dozens of controls

The backseat is absolutely delightful. There are drop-down trays on the back of the front seats and available TV screens to keep the passengers occupied–again, more like an airplane than a car. Dozens more controls are available to keep the backseat passengers comfortable and happy, and everything looks SO COOL!

rr detail | pro auto spas
Rolls Royce backseat controls

The exterior of the car has simple, clean lines and the paint is a joy to wash, detail, and ceramic coat. Like the inside, it’s the details that get your attention.

rr detail ceramic coating | pro auto spas
Simple elegant lines
rr exterior detail | pro auto spas
That little square (about the center of the top of the photo) is where the iconic Rolls Royce hood ornament appears when the car is unlocked.
rr exterior detail | pro auto spas
Even the headlights are clearly Rolls Royce.

Our detailing service comes with engine detailing, as well. This V12 looks a little different than the average engine and it was a pleasure to detail.


rr engine detail | pro auto spas
Not your average engine detail!

Again, thank you Christopher for letting us detail and ceramic coat your beautiful car!!

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