Pros and cons: Paint Protection Film on new cars

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A paint protection film is the best example of an aftermarket product that truly works as advertised. Its primary task is indeed – to protect the paint surface and other materials where it’s applied. PPF (which is an abbreviation for this super paint protection film) is a polyurethane-based substance. It’s transparent, and with some elevated brands, it can instantly heal if the top layer is scratched. So, is it a good idea to install PPF on new cars?

In short – absolutely. In fact, this is the best time to apply PPF – or elastomeric polymer film as the primary objective of protective paint films is to maintain the condition of what’s underneath from UV exposure, chemicals, light scratches, toxins, and road grime.

However, PPF is not for everyone. It is a premium product that is typically installed by certified and highly-trained professionals. And there are times when protection film installation is not recommended. So, let’s explore some of the pros and cons of having a clear bra or paint protection film bonded to your new car’s paint surface.

Does PPF Damage New Car Paint?

This type of material is completely safe to apply to your new car. In fact, most paint protection film customers opt to use this type of protective coating on the clear coat of a vehicle’s paint vs a ceramic coating, traditional carnauba wax, or paint sealants due to its safe application. For those who are not aware, PPF is a thin film and uses a unique adhesive substance that bonds solidly to the substrate.

During the installation process, the clear paint protection film undergoes a multiple-stage installation, where it is fitted, cut, placed, and then activated by a liquid spray. The installer will use a squeegee to help apply the film to the painted surface. This is when the adhesive goes to work to attach to the substrate.

There are some vinyl materials or inferior quality protective films with cheap adhesives that will become quite sticky if water penetrates the top coat. In fact, this is more common than you’d think with vinyl wraps. But when it comes to a quality PPF like Ceramic Pro Kavaca Instant Healing Film, you’re 100% safe.

Can You Remove Protective Paint Film?

Yes – a protective film for cars can be easily removed. However, once it is removed, the same film can’t be reinstalled on another vehicle or the same. This is a great example of why PPF is best suited for people who are either leasing a vehicle (that are going to return it and want to ensure they don’t have exterior paint damage) or those planning on keeping the vehicle for extended periods.

A high-quality protective film like Kavaca can hold up for 10 years on factory paint. And, if you decide to apply a professional-grade nano ceramic coating on top of that PPF, the combination can offer a lifetime of protection. In fact, companies like Ceramic Pro offer warranties for this type of paint protection package.

Can You Apply Paint Protection Film to Headlights?

Absolutely. Installing Ceramic Pro Kavaca Instant Healing paint protection film on high-exposed areas like the front end, the fender, front bumper, the hood, grille, side-view mirrors, door edges, and of course, the headlights and fog lights is a smart idea. Not only does it help to protect those areas from rock chips, tree branches, and other hard road debris, but it also helps to provide a shield against bug splatter, bird droppings, tree sap, and other natural contaminants.

How long are you planning on keeping the vehicle? If you typically trade in your vehicle every few years and want to have the best trade-in value, a PPF installation on the front end is a great, cost-effective option to consider. If you want to keep the vehicle for a long time, consider a full vehicle installation or a combination of PPF and nano-ceramic coating.

Paint protection films are exceptional products for keeping your car, truck, SUV, RV, motorcycle, or commercial equipment looking factory fresh. And believe it or not, PPF is more affordable than you’d assume – especially when you have a new vehicle that requires less paint correction or prep work.

You’ve got the flexibility to select a PPF installation that is perfect for you. Whether you prefer a partial hood or clear bra install, or full vehicle coverage with a 10-year warranty or more, Ceramic Pro Kavaca offers an easily affordable solution. If you’re curious about paint protection film installation, call or come by for an estimate. Pro Auto Spas 806.468.9234!

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