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We see a little bit of everything here at Pro Auto Spas, LLC. Flawless collectors item vehicles that just need an extra coat of sparkle, and spotless interiors that just need a ceramic coating to keep them, well…. spotless! We see damaged paint and bugs that seem permanently etched onto the front end. We see (and smell) milk dumped on the carpet and exploded fruit cups under seats. AND we fix it all–ceramic coating inside and out, paint correction and bug removal, removing carpets and seats to steam clean them.

So today we are going to talk about kids in the car. Cute story–my baby niece was snugged in her car seat in the back. She was hangry and my brother handed her one of those little fruit pie things. Cherry. Usually a favorite, but not that day. She threw it at the windshield and gooey cherry chunks and pie crust went EVERYWHERE. Normal people don’t throw pies in cars, but kids do. This is why we can’t have nice things. The answer for that: INTERIOR DETAIL!

There are those who say you shouldn’t let little kids have greasy food, or sweets, or sticky drinks in the car. Make sure you carry a trash bag and make them take off their muddy shoes… To them, I say, “Right. Good luck with that.”

It’s getting towards Halloween, so I’d like to talk about something scary: Carseats. Specifically what is UNDER the kid’s car seat? Hell, y’all, anything can be in there! By law, we are not allowed to remove or replace a baby seat, but we’re happy to steam clean it for you and handle the scary part underneath–old food, toys, stuffed things, more old food, goldfish, elderly sippy cups, and usually something very, very sticky. Baby slobber and saltines, when combined, create a mixture that is tougher than concrete–you need a very tiny jackhammer to get it off the windows. Unless your windows and seats are already ceramic coated, which makes everything pretty much wipe off with a damp towel.

Teenagers are marginally better–almost never a gross diaper blowout or puke in the car. But everyone can have a bad day, so when the iced frappamarachinosoylatte hits the dash/floor/center console/windshield/seats you have two options: Sticky forever or bring it to us. There is actually a pre-emptive option–ceramic coat the interior of the car NOW and don’t worry about it.

Moms, Dads, you are rockstars for raising the tiny humans. Let us help you–parenting is really hard enough already. With Pro Auto Spas’ professional detailing, you can have kids AND nice things…

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