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I think everyone is familiar with our iconic doors over on Buchanan…

We have an exciting announcement to make. At the beginning of 2023, there will be TWO Pro Auto Spas locations! Our first location, 2601 S. Buchanan will continue with our regular phenomenal services. Our NEW location is at 8201 W. Amarillo Blvd, inside of the Vintage Autohaus building–right in the heart of the Medical Center. We will begin operations at the Med Center location the first week in January 2023, but you can go ahead and call to get your vehicle scheduled if you know you have maintenance coming up soon. Both locations are easy to get to.

And in January, you can visit this iconic door in the Med Center!

First, we’d like to say THANK YOU, AMARILLO! We get a few out-of-towners, but our customer base is in Amarillo, Texas, and we couldn’t be more proud that you like us enough to open a second location. Second, I’d like to make sure y’all realize that yes, we are adding personnel, but Kenny and Tommy will be back and forth supervising and quality-checking everything that goes on in both shops. We still have the same high level of training and commitment we have always had. Your detail will still be perfect, your ceramic coatings still stellar, and we have a lot more parking available!

If you are already a Vintage Autohaus customer, stop by and meet us in the wash bays across from the repair area. We have a lot of work to do in the coming weeks, but we cannot WAIT to greet you at our new location!

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