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As a Professional Detailer, being an Adam’s Polishes distributor means you get lots of goodies and information. They are the best in the industry when it comes to detailing towels and equipment, and I’m happy to share some of the info they sent me about towels. We all know that the proper shampoo for your car is vital. Did you know the proper towels and drying can make a huge difference in the finished product of a professional detail? And not all towels are created equal.

Professional Detailers use Adam's Polishes premium detail towels | Pro Auto Spas

Professional Detailing Towels Are Not Cheap, But They’re Worth It!

Some people complain because good detailing towels may cost a little more, but trust me, they are worth the investment. They do a better job and last a lot longer. Here’s Adam Pitale, founder of Adam’s Polishes, to talk a little bit about the different detailing towels and their uses.

Back in the old days, I can remember washing and drying my cars with old beach towels. Trust me when I tell you there are NO BEACH TOWELS at Pro Auto Spas, LLC. We use the finest and most appropriate tools for cleaning, drying, and ceramic coating your vehicle, right down to the right towels for the right job.

Adam's Polishes premium detail towels | Pro Auto Spas
Fat towels!

Professional Detailing Towels Require Proper Cleaning.

We also use the proper cleaning and cleaners for our towels. Adam’s makes a Towel and Pad Revitalizer that has a powerful detergent formula made to break down and remove polish, compound, polymers, wax, and other residues that are absorbed into your towels during various detailing processes.  It keeps our towels clean, soft, and fluffy enough to do a great job on your ride. It’s the best Revitalizer in the industry.

Adam's Polishes premium detail towels | Pro Auto Spas

No detail is too small to make your vehicle looks its’ best.

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