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This is the outside of the shop after working on a 2007 Toyota Tacoma. I’ve been told we only detail “clean cars,” but I never quite understood that philosophy. We get cars (and trucks, motorcycles, 18-wheelers, boats, and classics!) that are kept in a garage and seldom see the light of day. They are babied and dusted and wiped down with super soft cloths, they are taken out for car shows and to have the ceramic or PPF touched up. They do not have bird poop or rock chips or candy stuck in the carpet.

We ALSO (mostly!) get normal, regular cars that people drive every day. Their kids and dogs are in there, so the inside is far from pristine, and the outside has been hit by everything the road has to offer. This includes mud. Mud happens.

Full Details of Our Interior & Exterior Automotive Detail Services


Full Details of Our Interior & Exterior Automotive Detail Services

You know what else happens? Clean. Clean happens too. It’s literally what we do. I had a friend clean her car before she brought it over for a detail so my guys wouldn’t think it was gross. Trust me girl–even if one of your grandkids dumped milk in the door panel 2 weeks ago, or a dealership bought it without checking out the trash in the back (elderly raw sausage), or multiple people have barfed in it (there is an upcharge for bodily fluids!), or there’s a LOT of ground in dog poop in the carpets, my guys can handle it. They have handled all of these before. And that includes… of course…. mud.

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