Professional detail: Porsche and Bentley in the house!

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When all you want is the best of everything!

Having some fun with our “black and white” professional detailing–a beautiful, glossy black Porsche and a sparkling white Bentley. We just had to take some pictures…

Of course, cars come in here dirty and covered in bugs. It’s our job to get the car spotless and make certain the paint is decontaminated and ready for an amazing shine.

Cars, boats, RVs, motorcycles, or whatever you bring us are carefully cleaned to avoid putting scratches and swirl marks in your paint. Then we do our best to remove scratches and swirl marks that are already there. We have Adam’s Polishes chemical solutions for pretty much anything your car might have gotten into on the road–stubborn bugs, road film, tar, and mystery gunk. We have special cleaners for tinted or ceramic coated glass, and extra special cleaners for those poor mistreated tires and wheels.

Better than new!

Once the paint is clean and prepped, we can add a gloss enhancer or really go for the best finish using a ceramic coating. Gloss enhancer is pretty but truthfully lasts about as long as an old-fashioned wax job. The ceramic coat is literally like adding another layer of clear coat to your car–it protects and saves the paint job, helping bugs and grime just slide off easily.

So which one is your favorite?

I cannot pick a favorite–I absolutely love both of these cars. Thanks for bringing them in, they were a pleasure to work on!

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