Professional detail: Genesis G70

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Look at the awesome shine after we completed a professional car detail — interior and exterior, paint correction, and ceramic coating on this Genesis G70!

Amazing Car Detail Results

Not many of us have had a look at the Genesis G70. It’s quite a car! Built by Hyundai Motor America in Ulsan, Korea, this is a seriously upscale take on the expected Hyundai on the American road. The interior is beautiful, both classy and practical. The exterior was a surprise to all of us, with some really nice touches and an overall look that really catches your attention.

Genesis G70 Professional Car Detail | Amarillo, Tx | Pro Auto Spas, LLC
When you drive it….

From Dirty to Spotless Car Detail

Like all cars in the Texas Panhandle, when you drive it, it gets dirty. When it is outside, it gets dirty. When it’s inside, it gets dirty. Just by existing in this part of the country, it gets dirty.

Genesis G70 Professional Car Detail | Amarillo, Tx | Pro Auto Spas, LLC
it gets dirty…..

That’s just part of owning a car, right? Like most cars people bring to us, this Genesis G70 came in a little dirty. But it goes back out looking…..


Beautiful shine on a ceramic coated Genesis G70 | Amarillo, Tx | Pro Auto Spas, LLC

Don’t You Want Your Car Detail To Look This Awesome?

There is nothing like a professionally detailed, glossy car to make your day better. When you drop off a dirty car, it’s just a dirty car, right? But give us a little time with that dirty car, and we’ll get it spotless inside and out. We’ll use gloss enhancement, we’ll paint correct it, we’ll ceramic coat it, we will make sure all the bugs and tar are removed, whatever you need us to do. It will look better, feel better, smell better… heck, some people swear that clean cars even drive better! And you will smile when you see it, you’ll smile again when you sit in it, and you get to fall in love with your car all over again.

Bring it to Pro Auto Spas, LLC. Come on, folks, let’s get shiny!!

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