Professional ceramic coating: McLaren

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Feast your eyes: Full detail and 6-month gloss

It’s really difficult to find the right words to describe a work of art like this McLaren. All the curves go in the right direction, and the silhouette is flat-out gorgeous. First, we bring it into the Spa for a little TLC–special wash and paint decontamination.

Cars are washed inside the building to deter water spots/mineral spots

Foam cannon and special soaps guarantee the gentlest clean for your baby!

With Pro Auto Spas, we get every nook and cranny!

So, once your car is screamingly clean and decontaminated, it’s time to get really, really shiny. We’ve been using Adams Polishes products, and WOW! They haven’t steered us wrong–this stuff is GOLDEN! They’ve got the right tools and the right products to get your car to top gloss!

Keep in mind, that the best way to clean and ceramic coat a vehicle is indoors. The sun is not your friend, and neither is our panhandle wind! Our shop is kept spotless to avoid anything scratchy getting on your car during cleaning, and making sure your ceramic coat is absolutely perfect. No foreign matter in your ceramic coat. Ever.

professional ceramic coating mclaren rear wheel | pro auto spas
Even the wheels….

Another reason for a clean workspace is that ceramic coating is applied by hand. Some of the coatings are thin enough for a spray, but the best ones require application onto the surface by hand. The texture and thickness are very important and must be monitored constantly. Normally the technician will work on about a square foot at a time. And it is so. Totally. Worth. It.

Maybe someday I’ll get to drive it!!!! This car was an absolute pleasure to work on. Thanks for bringing it in!

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