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Unless auto detailing is your “thing” you probably don’t know much about it. Are these guys who just figured out they like to wash cars? Are they trained at all? Why is handwashing a car better than a drive-thru car wash? Are they washing my car with, like, Tide detergent? And is that good or bad? And I still have to vacuum it myself at the drive-thru?

So that’s car washing, and yes, we can all manage it if need be. BUT do you know that certain car “shampoos” are better for certain paint types and treatments? Do you know how to decontaminate your paint for an awesome finish? Do you know that some road crap won’t come off without the right chemicals? What about the interior–shampoo or steam? Can you save a car with stinky milk soaked into the carpet? And cleaning the dash properly is no picnic. Do you know which products keep your paint and interior in tip-top condition? Odds are against it. You know why? Because like every other profession out there, car detailing takes training. And perfection is in the details!

Most of the guys at Pro Auto Spas are certified in different things. We have certifications from Adams Polishes Shine Academy and The Chemical Guys. We have ceramic coating training, and marine detail and coating instruction. We recently certified with Ceramic Pro (we are the only one in town!) for a host of things you might need for your wheel baby. We have an associate in California right now training for our new window tint and PPF (Paint Protection Film) distributorship, and another going out there next week. Overall, we belong to several associations including the International Detailers Association (IDA), and must remain current on the techniques and chemistry for the industry. It’s harder than it looks, folks.

We have a dedicated team we reinvest in constantly. Newcomers are carefully trained in the basics WAY before they are allowed near a customer’s car. No one is turned loose on the cars without a checklist and a follow-up inspection. And as they stay with us, we are able to pay for additional training and certifications for them. We have been so fortunate to keep turnover low. Every time we hire a new person, we have to start over to make sure they are doing things according to our standards, so TURNOVER is actually START OVER. I always wonder, when someone wants to hire a qualified detailer or an experienced ceramic coating expert, what–exactly–are they basing their decisions on? And are they making sure that experience and training line up with the company standards?

Why pay more for less?

Meet some of the guys…..

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