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What do you think of when you think of perfection?  Is it a golf swing?  A perfect day?  A sizzling steak?  A shot that’s “nuthin’ but net?” A photo that grabs your heart?  While you are thinking about that question, picture this:  The perfect shine on your car.  The perfectly clean interior.  The perfect scent.  Your car, boat, or truck…. small or large…. just Perfect. 

Guess what?  I know some guys that can make this dream happen!

Come by Pro Auto Spas, and we will show you what perfection is all about!  From the painstaking detail that goes into washing and rinsing your car to the fast drying techniques they use to prevent water spots—it’s all heading towards the same goal. Wanna guess what it is?  That’s right: Your perfect car.

Now we all know that extreme, OCD perfectionism can be a mental disorder, and it’s entirely possible Kenny has that.  BUT in the business world, we need to balance perfectionism with reason.  The extreme amount of time that CAN be put into a job versus the actual amount of time that we have in a day. It can be tricky.  Sometimes we need to keep a car overnight for the interior to dry or to find out if a scent removal (like smoke) worked well or if we need to hit it again.  If you are having a ceramic coating done, plan to leave it for at least two or three nights because 1.) paint correction can be a real bear, 2.) the actual ceramic coating takes time and experience, and can only be done one small space at a time, and 3.) the coating needs to cure for a minimum of 24-48 hours indoors and out of the weather.  The longer you can let it cure, the harder and shinier it will stay. 

If you are a perfectionist yourself, we keep a full line of Adam’s products to help you get it clean, get it dry, and keep it pretty—stop by any time! 

Also, we have added Ceramic Pro to our lineup of products—very exciting!  And we are now trained up and certified to do PPF on your vehicle.  PPF is Personal Protection Film—it’s a tough, transparent protective film that covers any painted surface of your vehicle’s exterior, reducing the risk of paint damage.  It’s ceramic coating on steroids, but the sun protection is not quite as strong.  We’ll discuss PPF on top of ceramic coating (a really bad idea) and ceramic coating on top of PPF (a much better idea!) in our coming posts. 

As always, call or drop by the 2601 Buchanan St location any time during business hours, and please call and make an appointment for our Med Center location, 8201 W. Amarillo Blvd inside Vintage Auto Haus.


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