Paint Correction Will Bring Back the Showroom-New Look to Your Vehicle

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What is paint correction?

Paint correction is the process of removing scratches and imperfections found on the vehicle’s clear coat. Using specialized machines, assorted pads, and unique cutting/polishing compounds, at Pro Auto Spas we use this equipment combined with years of experience to correct the visible imperfections on the vehicle’s surface to reveal a wet-candy-like appearance to your vehicle!

Why is Paint Correction Completed?

Machine polishing is intended to remove imperfections on the vehicle’s painted surface. It’s a service that is completed typically to prep a vehicle for a protective coating. The process is always customized based on the type of paint, surface imperfections, and the request of the customer. The detailer will polish a vehicle to remove a few individual imperfections including:

  • Removing fine scratches
  • Remove Spider Webbing or Swirl Marks
  • Get rid of stains left by animal waste (bird droppings and bug splatters)
  • Remove calcium deposits (water spots)
  • Damage or high/low spots by poor installation of DIY protective solutions
  • Removing wax, paint sealants, or ceramic coatings from the paint

What are the different types of paint correction?

One-step Paint Correction (gloss enhancement)

This single-step process is intended to remove the minor scratches and imperfections from the vehicle’s surface, these scratches have been commonly known as spider web scratches, marring, etc. The process will also remove oxidation, minor etching (i.e., water spots) as well as give the vehicle’s paint a completely refreshed appearance.

Two-step Paint Correction

The process for a 2-step paint correction will remove moderate or medium swirl marks. At this point there will be two different pads and compounds involved, the first of the two is commonly referred to as a cutting pad and compound, this is where our highly experienced staff minimize the hard edges of the scratches to make them less visible. The second part of the process is polishing out all the light scratches (marring) to achieve a shine like no other.

Three-step Paint Correction

The three-step process will remove the vehicle’s heavy scratches that are possibly almost through the clear coat, we use special tools such as a paint meter which will tell our professionals how much clear coat is on the vehicle to work with. The first step of this will include a very aggressive cutting compound combined with a wool cutting pad, this will really dig into the paint to work down those hard edges as far as possible. The second step will begin the progressive decrease in abrasive compounds/pads, and finally, a dedicated polishing compound to really smooth out any possible imperfection left.

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