More boat detailing!! Love this one!

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Hey there! We’ve been completing some beautiful boat detailing lately at Pro Auto Spas, and here’s another one. It’s a Viaggio pontoon boat, made for relaxing and enjoying the water. This one is brought to us by Lone Star Powersports here in Amarillo–thank you for letting us clean and protect your water-babies! Boat detailing is a lot more time-intensive than car detailing. As you can see in this picture, there’s lots of seating, including more seats that are at the back of the boat and not visible in this photo. The problem with boat seating is that it’s all outside and subject to wind damage and sun damage, unlike the inside of a car.

boat detail | pro auto spas
Fantastic boat detailing!

There’s also lots of surface area for carpet cleaning. Some boats are stored outside, and since we are in Amarillo that can mean dust. Lots and lots and LOTS of dust. Sometimes enough dust to change the color of the carpet! Also, being on the water often causes spilled drinks and dropped snacks. Never fear! We can steam clean and stain-treat your carpet back to its original beauty!

boat detail | pro auto spas
Sooooooo spotless!

Something else to keep in mind with boats. Since they often get all wet and then go straight into storage, some owners may notice a mold problem. We can safely remove mold without damaging your seats or carpet.

boat detail boat ceramic coating | pro auto spas
We love boat detailing!

This Lone Star Powersports Viaggio was pretty clean to start with, just a quick professional detailing turnaround to make it spotless for the new owner. Also, when you trailer a boat in, we take the time to make sure your trailer looks fantastic too. We love our boat detailing afternoons!

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