Interior detailing: Vacuum vs Tornador!

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I was waiting for some service on my car, and I noticed I was right next to another detail shop so I watched them for a while.  The tech went to work on the carpets with a shop vac and a lot of elbow grease.  Vacuums are great tools, and I don’t know where we would be without them, but even the best vacuum has its’ limits. Eventually, the bag or canister gets full, or maybe the canister is leaking and you blow out more dust than you pick up. You could lose a belt, clog a filter, break a hose, or break/jam the brush roller. Or whatever you are trying to suck up is really heavy, like sand, and the vac just can’t handle it.  Or my personal favorite:  Pet hair that seems glued to your carpet. 

Image of a contractor-style shop vacuum
Vacuums are great, up to a point.
Image of a happy pet riding in a professionally detailed car | Pro Auto Spas, LLC
Pet hair is bad…..

At Pro Auto Spas we are professional auto detailers and we promise you a clean car. For a good interior detail, we use a tool called a Tornador Blow Out Tool.  Instead of trying to pull dirt and grime up and drag it down a long tube, the Tornador blasts air out of a cone-shaped nozzle. The cone channels air into a powerful tornado-like motion that quickly lifts dirt and moisture from any surface. The cone covers a larger area than the airflow coming directly from an air compressor, yet it is still targeted enough to concentrate tremendous air power right where your vehicle needs it.  It’s like directing a tiny tornado that pushes dirt and grime free of the carpet, upholstery, and dash.  The Tornador works with your air compressor to blow debris and moisture out of hard-to-reach places quickly and easily. 

Image of a car seat with dog hair on it prior to an interior detail | Pro Auto Spas, LLC
Actually, pet hair is the worst!

Image of a Tornador professional detail tool | Pro Auto Spas, LLC
Tornador is the best!

Now for the good part: You can combine these two tools!!! It’s amazing to watch and way less wear and tear on your surfaces.  Use the Tornador WITH your shop vac and get the easiest, most amazing clean for pet fur, sand, and pretty much anything else that gets into your carpet and upholstery.  Don’t get a half-clean car — get an interior detail that really gets it ALL clean.

Watch this video for more info…

I hate to tell you this, but you are going to be disappointed with vacuuming your car from now on.

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