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This is just a quick story about a recent customer. He was a “friend of a friend” and I had met him a couple of times–Jim. He had a 2012 Ford F150 that he wanted to take care of, to make sure it was protected properly. He, Kenny and John all discussed the different products and protections available, including ceramic coating and PPF (paint protection film). How much it costs, how long it takes, what to expect from the finished product…. they covered it all.

There were a few spots to touch up, so he bought the right paint and brought it to Kenny. Our guys go first–they get it spotless, inside and out. Then Kenny does his magic with the touch-up and the paint correction. Then the best part: CERAMIC COATING! If you’ve never seen someone putting a ceramic coating on a vehicle, check it out below… It’s harder than it looks, and kind of hypnotic.

Thank you DIY Detail for the video!

Then the ceramic cures for 24-48 hours and that truck looked great. Our customer seemed really happy with it! Then he told us something–this was the last truck his father bought before he died. Jim inherited this truck and wanted to make certain it was well taken care of. And he brought it to us.

Jim, we want to thank you for trusting us with this special vehicle.

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