Ceramic Coating Provides Protection for Your Vehicle’s Paint

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Why not wax?

While wax may add a great level of shine to a car’s paintwork, it falls short in its ability to bond to paint for a prolonged period. Natural carnauba, spray waxes, and ceramic waxes only last for a short period of time before they disappear. Simply put, the protective layer they provide is not nearly as permanent as a true ceramic coating, and will not protect surfaces from things like minor scratches, etching, etc.

So, what is a ceramic coating?

Unlike traditional coatings, which are typically concocted from polymer resins, a ceramic coating is silicon dioxide or silica (SiO2) based. Commonly derived from quartz crystals and sand, silica creates an invisible, extremely resilient “nanotechnology coating” when combined with elements like titanium dioxide, water, and various other ingredients. Once cured atop a hard surface, this liquid forms a crystal-clear protective shell.

What are the benefits?

  • An additional layer of protection against minor scratches, the sun’s harmful UV rays, water spots, etc.
  • Your vehicle will be more durable
  • No need to reapply like a wax
  • Repels dirt, dust, and mud!
  • Your vehicle will be easier to clean
  • A new vehicle gloss that lasts years!
  • Adds value to your vehicle!

Where can it be applied?

Ceramics can be applied to a multitude of surfaces including, but not limited to, the exterior of a vehicle including glass, the full wheel (drum, wheel face, even the tires), brake calipers, wheel wells, etc. BUT it is not limited to the exterior or only painted surfaces! The products we use can be applied to the full interior as well!

Can Ceramic be applied to my interior?

Yes, and the benefits of it are the same protective and hydrophobic properties from the exterior now work in the interior. The ceramics can also assist with dye transfers from blue jeans, protect from nasty spills, etc. The product can even be worked into the carpets of the vehicle as well as any leathers, suede, etc.

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