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denali ceramic coat followup | pro auto spas
Have you ever seen shine like this in your life??

This beautiful Yukon Denali was paint corrected and ceramic coated about three months ago. What with all the local nasty weather, we brought it in for a wash and check-up. I was really concerned about the de-icer Amarillo puts on the roads–I have heard it can really tear up paint and wheels. One of the main reasons we had for ceramic coating the Denali was the condition of roads here in the Panhandle. And guess what? Dirt, chemicals, grit, road dust: MELTED OFF! A blast of water and most of the gunk just ran off. A soft handwash and it was right back to “new coating” shine and gloss. The wheels and tires (also ceramic coated) look better than new.

Ceramic coating 3 month check-in | Pro Auto Spas
Ready to take on the world!

The inside of the car took a beating too–snow, mud, ice chemicals. We have 2 grandchildren and two large dogs, so you get the picture. The leather bounced back like a champ, the carpet pretty much wiped clean before even vacuuming it, and the mats are like new. Like winter never happened! I love driving this gorgeous, clean, shiny, slick car around!

Ceramic coating 3 month check-in | Pro Auto Spas
Even the wheels–spotless!

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