Ceramic Coating: 2009 Aston Martin!!

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There are levels of shiny. Not everyone realizes this, but car guys–they just know. Nowhere is it more obvious than the paint and finish on your car. That’s why everyone loves before and after pictures–the trip from GRIMY to GLEAMING is a lot of work, but So. Totally. Worth it. A professional detail can get you started on that journey. Let’s take a look at this 2009 Aston Martin…..

aston martin before paint correction or ceramic coating | Pro Auto Spas
Aston Martin…. before Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating

Aston Martin BEFORE Professional Detail, Paint Correction, and Ceramic Coating

First, it’s a 2009. No one makes it through thirteen years without some wear and tear. Even if your car is always garaged, never driven in the rain, and has super low mileage, you’re still going to wash it, right? And sometimes, how you wash it is exactly the problem. These scuffs and swirls are most likely from automated car washes and/or poor carwash habits, which deposit foreign matter on your paint and then rub it around till it is embedded into your finish and causes further damage. This, my friends, is what paint correction was born for!!! Well, paint correction and polishing. Both are necessary in this case.

aston martin ceramic coating quarter panel reflection | Pro Auto Spas
Same angle, same lights, but after Paint Correction and Ceramic Coating.

Aston Martin: AFTER Professional Detail, Paint Correction, and Ceramic Coating

The previous two pictures are a great example of different levels of shiny. There is the “Hey it reflects light, right?” to “Oh my God, is that thing chrome????”

aston martin ceramic coating quarter panel reflection | Pro Auto Spas
No special effects.

Aston Martin: No retouch, No photoshop, just Professional Detail, Paint Correction, and Ceramic Coating

No kidding, this is the door panel on the same car, reflecting other cars in the shop. It’s beyond shiny, it’s a mirror finish. It looks like liquid. With the right amount of elbow grease and hard work, this car has truly been transformed. It’s a combination of proper washing, paint correction, polishing, and then ceramic coating.

aston martin ceramic coating front wheel | Pro Auto Spas
Ceramic coated wheels, too!

Aston Martin: Professional Detail, Paint Correction, and Ceramic Coating… You know you WANT it

Bringing paint to this level takes hours and hours. And while it looks great, the shine from the ceramic coating on this car is also protecting the paint to keep the swirls and scratches from happening again. Bonus! And when you can see other cars and the trees across the street reflected on the side of your car… Well, that looks GREAT! Okay, maybe no one really NEEDS their vehicle’s surface to be THAT shiny, but you know you want it!!

aston martin ceramic coating rear wheel reflection | Pro Auto Spas
Trees and a water tower across the street….. Amazing!

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