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I’ll be honest–this post is going to be mostly pictures. This Nautique G23 is honestly one of the most gorgeous boats I’ve ever seen! Wanted to share it with everyone, and send a HUGE shout-out to Jax for bringing it to us. I will admit it, the guys in the shop get very excited to work on certain vehicles and boats, but they went completely FANBOY on Jax and his boat!

Jax and his Nautique G23.
Welcome to the RED side!

This boat is brand new and we wanted to get it coated and sealed to keep it looking new for years. It was trailered in from Dallas, so the first thing it needed was a professional boat detail: hand wash and decontaminate the paint. Just because your boat isn’t actually touching the road doesn’t mean it doesn’t pick up all the same road contaminants as the trailer and the truck pulling them.

Once the paint is spotless and perfect, we can begin to apply the ceramic coating. Ceramic coating for boats is not the same as for cars, because the surfaces are very different. Also, boats usually require a lot more water spot removal than cars, and that’s got to be done properly or the coating will not adhere as it should.

Of course, our boat detail and ceramic coating include the interior of the boat. Every inch of the interior is steam cleaned and checked for any existing mold or mildew. This was then ceramic coated to protect the interior from UV rays and contaminants that can break down your beautiful interior. When you wipe down your boat before storage, the coating makes quick work of the whole job!

Trailer detailing and wheel cleaning included!

We get your boat beautiful and make sure the trailer looks just as good.

boat detail boat ceramic coating | pro auto spas
Fabulous from any angle!

So this boat detailing and boat ceramic coating are a pleasure when you start with a beauty like this.

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