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Now that you’ve invested the money to make your vehicle look showroom new, let’s make sure you know and understand about our Ceramic Coating Aftercare program and how to keep your vehicle looking shiny and clean.

Ceramic-coating aftercare, when done properly, protects and keeps your car looking showroom-new with a glossy finish. Unlike cars with no coating, your car needs specialized products and handling to keep the coating in top condition. Here are some ceramic-coating maintenance tips to prolong your car’s gloss and shine.

Important Things to Know About Caring for Your Ceramic Coating

Automatic Car Washes Are Not Recommended for Ceramic Coated Vehicles

You can wash your vehicle as many times as you like as long as you do it the right way.

Automatic car washes have abrasive brushes that damage the exterior ceramic coat of your car. You also can’t be sure about the type of chemical cleaners used in ‘touchless’ car washes. These car washes can cause the ceramic coating to deteriorate sooner than it will if you wash it properly.

We recommend that you bring your vehicle to us once a month for the best hand wash possible and, as an existing ceramic coating customer, you’ll get a discount on your wash.

However, if you prefer to DIY, only use ceramic coating-friendly soap. Harsh soaps or strong degreasers will accelerate the breakdown of your ceramic coating. If you want to DIY, here are some helpful steps to follow.

How to properly DIY wash your ceramic-coated vehicle

  1. With a hose or pressure washer, prepare a two-bucket system and use a soft microfiber wash mitt. One bucket will have clear clean water while the other bucket will be sudsy mild-detergent soap.
  2. Pre-rince your vehicle from top to bottom. (Using a foam-cannon is highly recommended prior to physical contact with the vehicle as added lubrication to assist in preventing scratches) Then gently scrub it with soapy water on the mitt.
  3. Wash small areas at a time with a sudsy mitt and then clean the mitt in the clear water, to remove dirt and grit, before moving on to the next area.
  4. Once done, dry the washed area with a microfiber towel, flipping it often. As you work, keep an eye out for how well the water is beading up or “sheeting” off your vehicle surfaces.

(Note: We recommend that you do not use an iron remover or other harsh chemicals to decontaminate your paint. Should you do so, follow the manufacturer’s directions carefully as you can seriously damage your coating.)

Every six months, make an appointment to bring your vehicle in for a check-up

One of the best ways to make sure you’re keeping your ceramic coating in top-notch form is to make an appointment to bring your vehicle in for a check-up twice a year.

When you bring your vehicle to us, we’ll wash it to inspect every panel for beading and sheeting of the water. Our technicians will then be able to see areas that need decontamination or that aren’t beading properly. These areas can then be restored.

Promptly clean spills on the vehicle interior

Once your vehicle interior has been ceramic coated, it’s very easy to keep it clean. It seals youor leather or fabric seats so spills won’t soak in as easily.

Clean up spills with a damp paper towel as soon as possible to prevent stains.

Interior vacuuming and dusting are okay but don’t treat leather seats with conditioners.

You can vacuum and dust your interiors as you normally would. However, it is not recommended to layer another conditioner or treatment on your coated seats. If you need a touch-up on areas of your interior coating, bring it to the professionals.

The ceramic coating on your leather seats usually lasts around 18-24 months, depending on the amount of UV exposure and normal wear and tear. 

Wheel aftercare is a little different

When you periodically bring your vehicle to us, we clean your coated wheels with straight iron remover which removes ferrous material (i.e., brake dust, road grime, etc.). The possibility of damage to the coating on your wheels is high should you DIY iron remover. Again, if you do, follow the manufacturer’s directions precisely.

There are safe products available to clean your coated wheels called Heavy Duty Wheel Cleaner and we will be stocking this item for our DIY customers. It’s safe, powerful and won’t strip the ceramic coating from your wheels.

Our Aftercare program will serve you best

Make an appointment to bring your vehicle in for the twice-yearly check-up, but we also have a special monthly wash program to keep the exterior of your vehicle looking its best.

If you’re an existing ceramic coating customer, we will perform touch-ups as needed and you will get a special discount on your wash. 

We’ll also be offering DIY products, and other promotional items such as hoodies, t-shirts, and other items as they become available.

The entire team at Pro Auto Spas, LLC appreciates your business and we are committed to make sure your vehicle always looks its best!

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